Legal Staffing Options

Temp and Contract Staffing

LAC Legal Staffing recruits contract attorneys, paralegals, librarians, researchers, administrators and other legal support personnel for law firms and corporate legal departments.

In an uncertain global economy, LAC Legal Staffing’s contract staffing is an important tool that allows our clients the opportunity to up-size their team during peak periods without, having to incur the cost and commitment of full-time hiring.

  • Match the ebb and flow of peak work requirements.
  • Coverage for regular staff vacation or other absence.
  • Special coverage for trial preparation and other client matters.
  • Access to subject matter expertise and other specialized skills.

LAC Legal Staffing has the resources to recruit the right people as quickly as needed for a wide variety of non-permanent legal support staffing requirements.

Direct Hiring

LAC Legal Staffing can identify and recruit the right talent to fill any full or part-time staff positions. All candidates are carefully screened, including:

  • In-depth personal interviews
  • Employment references
  • Credentials verification for licenses and certifications
  • Education confirmation
  • Skills/aptitude testing

We do the all the legwork so you don’t have to!

Ready to Get Started?

LAC Legal Staffing will help you determine the best staffing options for your legal support needs, to meet your financial and operational requirements.

Contact Sharon Davis to discuss your needs.

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